Sunday, September 22, 2013

Transfer week, plus TONS of pics!


Six weeks that felt like six years. I’ll be staying in Benfica so you can still send as much mail as you want to the same address. I have a new companion named sister Wach!  Pics coming soon.

Quick shout outs to Donna Ostvig, Kevan and Leslie, Brittan Steffel and of course my Mother and Father. And Claire. Whose letter I loved with all my heart.

Money, they give us like 180 euro or something every month on a card for whatever we need and it’s been plenty, I usually only pay for food.  Thanks for the package mom!! Some good old state fair cookies. So much happiness in my soul. But I’m good for now, no worries. If I need something, I’ll let you know.

Language is coming I think. I’m teaching more and people tell me I speak well. Understanding is another story. I’m hoping things change this transfer. Funny story, today we taught a lesson, it was the plan of salvation, and I asked if she knew the story about Adam and eve and she started telling it and I was just nodding... one of my companions (we were a three some today) cut in and started teaching... I found out later she was going on about the serpent biting eve and then she died... how did I miss that? Haha you have no idea. Language ugh!

I had my first baptism this week. It was cool.  The thing is though, it’s a personal choice. Your salvation is your own problem, no one else’s. So family, friends, everyone, I exhort you will all of my heart to do all you can right now and decided today that you will follow Christ. I can’t make that decision for you, as badly as I want to, but I can bear testimony that I know this church is true and we have a prophet. We have a prophet!!! Do you know how incredible that is? We have someone that talks to God for us and tells us how to be happy! Someone whose testimony we can always trust and who is a rock in these times of confusion. We have the priesthood. This gospel is incredible. Joshua 24 verse 19. Choose ye this day!!! I love you all!!

Elder Munoz, our beloved district leader, says hi.

Um... That’s really all for this week, I think the pictures that you will get in the mail this week will have way more detail and way more stories than I want to put in here.
One more thing, Portuguese people are so tiny and all the old women have hairs on their chins.

So much love family!! Look to the mail this week for a memory card!!! And people reading this, esp at BYU, I wanna hear from you!!!! Write me!!

Paz, amor, casamento do templo,
Sister Kelly Briggs.

Grocery shopping on P-day

Random sculpture at the mall

Water Garden on mall rooftop

ward party

Birthday party at the church

Me and Sister Echevarria

Love the quotes from Dad

Fav pastry shop - 'bread of God' 

Andre - wants to change his life!

I finally caught a lizard!  These things are everywhere!

Sight seeing on P-day

this investigator was so stiff!

Sisters at Zone Conference

Where I study the gospel and the language!

Adriano from Romania