Thursday, May 15, 2014

Miracles for Mother's Day!

This week we had a lesson with an investigator at the chapel. we were teaching him the second lesson, as planned, when i had the prompting to leave the lesson plan and talk about baptism. we were talking about it for about  minutes, me and my companion were both on the same page, and just on a roll, when suddenly two women came around the corner of the chapel. They were asking about the schedule  and one woman had been investigating temples for a really long time and wanted to learn more. She came to church this week and accepted everything. The members were all talking to her after church, inviting her to come to the other hours. we have two lessons with member present marked this week and we plan to mark her for baptism. Even though we didnt mark our other investigator for baptism, it was a really cool experience to follow the spirit like that, and i know that Heavenly Father had a purpose in us being at the chapel at that time.

Today we went on a hike. Man, i am so blessed to be serving in madeira. I just kept on having to remind myself, im hiking on a forest in the mountains on an island off the coast of africa, speaking a different language. How blessed i am!!!

I love you all, it was so good to talk to you yesterday. its weird to think that was the last time ill talk to you till im home... but im so glad you guys are happy! makes me happy. I seriously love you all. so stinking much.

Paz, amor, casamento do templo,

Sister Briggs