Sunday, December 7, 2014

Adeus Portugal!!

Time for ugly Christmas sweaters!
This week it rained. all while i was dying. i dont have shoes that keep the rain out so my feet were wet. all week. tuesday we were working, and we expected to have ward council at night. we were both excited because we were both wet. and then we get a text that it was cancelled. That was sad. Wednesday and thursday we did divisions with the sisters in Barreiro. AND IT RAINED NON STOP THE WHOLE TWO DAYS. it was so fun to be with them, to get to know them and such (it really is the best part of being STL), but this rain is driving me insane. i have a new appreciation for snow. i started putting on socks, putting and taping plastic bags on my feet, and then putting tights on. my feet still got wet. sigh.

i really love seixal. i really do. ive broken down crying several times this week because i love this place and these people sooo much. we sang the spirit of god in sacrament meeting, and i just bawled. i gave a talk on sunday too and almost didnt make it through because i was crying. I just really love my recent converts and the members and this ward and how diverse it is and how true the chruch is. i love it so so so so much.

At district meeting the elders in my district made us crepes because we got really annoyed with them last week (we did literally everything for their baptism and they didnt thank us or let us have a ride home with a member) and because it was our last district meeting this transfer.

Wednesday i destroyed my boots. i can literally put my whole hand through the bottom. i managed to get 10 dollars out of my account and was looking at stores all day to try to find a cheap pair of rain boots, but to no avail. i got home with wet, sore feet.

The next day i just wore flats as we went on divisions with the sister in Setubal!!! this was also thanksgiving. it was really great, all the missionaries in the city of setubal, all eight of them, had a thanksgiving lunch. casserole, pasta, chicken... and the latinas, sisters ventura e camacho, dressed up as indians and the gentile sisters, sister anderson, dressed up as a pilgrim. it was reallly fun. i got to do a division with sister ventura who is in her second transfer, and she is a hoot. easily my most favorite part of being STL is meeting all these new wonderful sisters. and, as it started to rain that evening, we found a store that had super cute super cheap rain boots! it was a miracle!

Saturday we marked a 14 year old girl for baptism. This girl, Bruna, goes to all the activities and has been to church, and she accepted to be baptized! pray for her that she will stay firm!

saturday and sunday were also stake conference. as i sat in the chapel, listening to the stake president talk about conversion, i started bawling. it reminded me of a farewell talk of a friend during a stake conference, over 2 years ago in provo where i felt the spirit soooo strongly telling me  i would be going on a mission. I really didnt want to go, and i didnt know why He wanted me to go, and for the first year of my mission, with the lack of success that i had, i really didnt feel a confirmation that i was supposed to be there. and as i sat in those chapels, i felt the conversion that i had gained on my mission. and i knew, the spirit whispered to me, that is why. If not for anything else, because God needed me to be more than i was becoming by myself, and so he sent me out here to grow, to learn by experience, to become converted so i could then strenghten my bretheren. and i am and will be eternally grateful for that.

Well, not much else happened this weekend, so i guess i would just like to end with my testimony.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that it is the word of God. I know because i feel the power that comes from that book from every verse i read. I have recieved so many answers to prayer from the words in that Book. I know it is true. I know Joseph Smith was and is the Prophet of the restoration. I know that he dilligently searched out, and found, answers to his questions, and just like him, we can all know the truth for ourselves. I know he saw God and Christ in that grove in 1820, and that was the beginning of the restoration of the fulness of the gospel. I am so grateful he didnt give up in his search.

I know we have a prophet today. What a blessing it is to know that there is a living prophet, Thomas S Monson who leads and guides this church, following the direction of Christ. There is no other church with this truth, there is no other chruch with the living priesthood power. How grateful i am for this knowledge!

I know that God loves us. I think i came out on my mission, and that was the strongest part of my little testimony, that if i knew nothing else, i knew that God loved me. and now that I am at the end of my mission, that belief has become so strong that i would even say it is a knowledge. To see the way that He worked with me and prepared me and succored me to get me on a mission and to feel the way He strengthened me and helped me and changed me while i was out here and now to be at the end and be able to look back at His work and be in awe of His love and how personally He knows me and knows my potential, I cannot deny that He is there, and He is our Father.

He loves us so much that He sent His son. The firstborn of God came down and lived as we did, but He lived better than we did. The only being to get through this life without a single sin, mistake, error... and yet that same man suffered beyond what any man can comprehend, suffering that caused even a god to tremble and ask if there was another way. and then He let Himself die, all for us. All so that He could know what we go through, and so that He can plead my cause and your cause for us to the Father on that judgement day. He is our advocate with the Father. Until i realized how imperfect i am and how much more i had to grow, I didnt realize how much that means. Oh it is wonderful! That He should care for me enough to die for me. And i will continue to remember that, to grow, to repent, to change every day to show my gratitude and to be worthy of such a gift like the atonement of Christ.

And even though Jesus Christ died, i know He resurrected. I KNOW HE LIVES. I know He is our savior and redeemer. If nothing else that i did on my mission proved to be of any worth, this is the most important thing, the most valuble lesson that i gained from this year and a half of my life... this witness of Jesus Christ.

I know He lives, and I know that This is this church.

As my mission winds down, i realize though, how much i love this place. i love this culture, I love these people more than words can describe, i love this spirit that i feel every day, i love my strict schedule, i love being obedient, i love pastries, i love getting fed too much by the members, i love speaking portuguese with all my heart, i love seixal, i love getting to know other missionaries, i love president and sister fluckiger, i love being an STL, i love this work, I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!! my heart is breaking and the tears roll as i even ponder the thought of leaving.

But, that day will come. I always knew it would. There were days where i couldnt wait for it to come and thought i would die here, and there were days that i never ever ever wanted to leave. this last year and a half i have been able to stand as a full time witness of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amongst the Portugese  people. But just because i will go home soon, and will take my tag off, and will no longer be a full time missionary, that doesnt mean in any way shape or form that i will stop being a witness of Jesus Christ in all times, all things, and all places until the end of my life. my tag is written on my heart.

I encourage all who can to serve a mission. you will not regret it!

I love you all! and i love my mission!

Paz, amor, casamento do templo,

Sister Briggs

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'll be home for Christmas - just a few more weeks!!

Can't believe I'll be home in just a few short weeks - happy, sad, everything!  So, on to business . . ..

Thursday we went out to a tiny little city in the middle of the alentejo, portugal called Évora. go look it up. it was SOOOO COOOL. we went out there to do divisions with the sisters that are serving out there. it was sooo fun! i did a division with a sister named sister brotherson and shes young on the mission but she is so wonderful and just doing work out there. it was also fun just to travel out there, it was like a three hour bus ride, so we woke up at 5:30, which wasnt as fun, but whatever. then we traveled back and went right to work! it was kind of hectic and i was kind of tired, actually really tired, but it was good. then this weekend we worked in another area that was closed last transfer but there are still a few investigators out there, and that area is about 20 minutes away in a train or bus so it was hectic. we didnt spend a ton of time in our area, but thats okay. we worked hard when we could and it makes the time just fly.

we have quite a few people marked for baptism, and i would love it if you could all pray for them because ever since theyve accepted to be baptized, all these little things are happning to get in their way...  please pray for jaime, marcio, silvania, silvi, filomena, bruna and andre. we are going to keep working hard, but every little act of faith helps.

funny story, sunday night we taught the little family of filomena, bruna and andre, and after the lesson we got up to leave, but as always, the mother, filomena, wasnt going to let us leave with out food, even though we tried sooo hard to get out of it. well, i get a plate with some rice on it and then some fleshy looking bone things... and i was like thanks!!!... what is this? and she said, its rice with fish head!!! i almost died. I HAD A WHOLE FISH FIN THE SIZE OF MY HAND ON MY PLATE. i ate around all the fleshy fish head nastiness, and then when filomena left the room to get the kids together, we ran over to the pot and threw the fish back in it. i literally dont know how else i would have made it through that plate haha.

i love my mission!!! me and sister gutz watched mormon messages this morning in the chapel and we were just crying haha. i love how sensitive to the spirit i am.

Recently We had mission council at the beginning of the week and it was really great. President really just wants us to be good missionaries, through and through, to lay it all on the altar of sacrifice, to lose ourself in His service. it was really spiritual, and its always weird for me to get talked to as leaders, but I love it.

The next day we brought all of that to our zone meeting and helped them learn it too. It was fun. After, we split up and did divisions with some of the sisters in our zone. i went with sister Camacho, shes mexican but her family lives in Dallas and she is SOOOOOO cool. i had such a blast. there are so many cool sisters in this mission and i wont even get to know all of them! but she said shes gonna show me all the sweet things to do in dallas when she gets back and im pumped. Doing divisions, seeing other areas and meeting new sisters just makes the time FLY. which is nice. Although it makes me a little sad, all these sisters i wont get to know and all these areas i will never serve in... but i try not to think about that. it so fun that i have this opportunity and i do my best to help the other sisters. but lets be real. i learn way more from them than they learn from me haha.

oh i forgot, last week was daylight savings. i cannot even tell you the difference that one hour of sleep made. me and sister gutz woke up on sunday morning and got up and just looked at each other and we were like, that was a HUGE difference! i feel so much better!! hahaha. mission life is tiring. Also, halloween was this week! we bought some chocolate and wore each others name tag during the day haha. it was pretty funny, doing contacts and i would be like, Hi! im sister... Gutz! if we hadnt done that, the day would have passed like any other. also, people here dont go trick or treating on halloween, they do it on the first of november.

a christlike attribute that ive been running into a lot lately as i read the book of mormon is DILLIGENCE. its the attribute that drives  the development of all other attributes. i think its been standing out to me so much lately because im gonna need it too keep working diligently till the end of my mission, and to carry out my conversion after my mission too. i would love if you could all grab preach my gospel and the topical guide and study that this week!

Well, im officially a dying missionary.  We had transfer calls, and i will be staying here for my last transfer with sister gutz. When i got that last transfer call, it really hit me. i cant even believe im at the end of this journey. i mean, not yet, but shoot, it hit me hard. i love my mission, and i love my Savior.

this week was a week of...

MIRACLES!!!! We had to do 2 divisions this week, one right after the other with a house of 4 sisters, so we had 2 full days without being in our area and working in it. and on friday we had to prepare for a baptism and on saturday we did a special musical number in a wedding. and on top of it i got sick with a cold and winter finally arrived in portugal and it is cold and wet again... but in spite of all that, we did work this week! and we had 2 baptisms of these two kids that i love a lot. they are kids of a some what less active member who just got here from cape verde to stay, and we have been working with them for about 2 months so it was so wonderful to see them enter into the waters of baptism. And even though we were crazy busy preparing them and the baptism and everything else, Heavenly Father just took care of the rest. The chapel was sooo full this week, we had to go upstairs and get more chairs 2 times! that was a first. on top of that, one recent convert from our area gave a talk and got set apart for her calling,  another one i saw in a meeting for his calling, my recent convert got the priesthood and Carlos, the less active member that we miraculously found knocking doors a while ago, that we hadnt been able to visit in awhile, quit smoking by himself, took the sacrament and was called to be the elders quorum secretary. The bishop even commented that it was a really incredible week, and that he just focused on a few specific things that God wanted him to, and everything else just fell into place. That was exactly how i felt. God is good. easily one of the best weeks of my mission.

so we did 2 divisions this week, and everytime i do a division, i just get soo jealous that i dont get more time to serve with these super fun incredible sisters! this week i did a division with sister Larsen who is in her 3rd transfer now and i absolutely loved it, and sister kunz, who came in with me. at night we were dancing to efy music in the kitchen. it made me miss you all. thankfully im still a sister training leader so it will be great to see them all again.

Also there was a wedding in the chapel! i was gonna play the piano, but we had the sisters from the next area over come to help sister gutz sing, and i opted to let her play the piano instead and i filmed. they did a trio with a member, they sang love is spoken here. the first verse was english and the second in portuguese, and they ended the whole thing together in portuguese. it was because the wife of the kid who got married is english and doesnt speak a lick of portuguese. i tell you the whole story when i get home, but it was a really beautiful wedding and just fun to see portuguese culture haha.

The last few days dragged a little bit until friday because on friday, ELDER QUENTIN L COOK CAME AND VISITED OUR MISSION!!!! 2 hours of hearing from an apostle, and i had a front row seat. it was incredible. i got lots of personal revelation, but the thing that touched me the most was the fact that what president teaches us and what this apostle was teaching us was pretty much the same stuff. it was the same spirit, the same expectations. we truly are consecrating ourselves out here and living a higher law. it was really cool. and equally cool was the fact that half the mission was there!!!!! my whole MTC district that went to portugal was there and a lot of my old comps and other sisters that ive served around and love. it was awesome, and i was so grateful for that experience right here at the end of my mission. such a blessing.

and today we went to down town lisbon! it was sick. its my 4th time down there and 2nd time to the castle and every time i just think, im so blessed.

lots of pictures to come! love you all!!!

this month we all memorized matthew 16:24-29, with the jospeh smith translation. study it and know i love you all.

peace, love, and temple marriage,

sister briggs

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tender Mercies!

This week was awesome!

Monday and tuesday were normal, but tuesday night i started getting a cold and wednesday we were walking around in the rain and i was really feeling sick so we came home for a bit so i could sleep some more. Thursday we had zone conference with president! he is a powerful man, i was inspired to do better. we were supposed to do divisions with the sisters in Setubal, but one of them got sick so it was just a mess. BUT then on friday, the adventures began.

So there used to be six areas in our ward, seixal A, the elders, Seixal B, us, and then a dupla of sisters in this area called quinta do conde. its kind of far away but everyone there has cars and houses instead of apartments and bus passes, so its a pretty rich area, and its also pretty difficult. because of that, it was closed this past transfer and the dupla of sisters out there got taken out. so we got the job of taking care of their investigators. so we got the house key from the office and went out there for the second time this friday. since we had the house key, and since this area is way far away from our house and you have to take a bus and a train to get there,  we got permission from president to stay in the house out there!!!!! hahahaha, it was so fun, it was like a sleepover. but it was incredible, friday night we met the friend of a member, elaine, she is brazilian and AMAZING. she went to church twice and loved it, she was given a gospel principles manual there and had been reading it every night without asking, and this second time that we visited her, we asked her if she had prayed to know if the book of mormon was true or if this church was true and she was like, i dont need to. i dont have any doubt that this church is true. BLEW my mind. oh my how Heavenly Father prepares people. she came to church again on sunday. pray for her so that she can over come some personal problems to get baptized.

then the next day we had a lesson with this kid named marcio. he was someone the sisters out there found like, the second to last week of the transfer. he came to church by himself the last week. so we met with him, he accepted everything we taught and accepted with out any hesitance to be baptized on the 1st of november. it was SOOO cool. and then we walked over to the bus station with us and we were talking about church and such and he was telling us about everything he learned in church and how he wants to serve a mission and will be a bishop one day and such... hes SOOO cool. unfortunately he studies a lot and didnt come to church on sunday because of homework, so pray for him that he can keep progressing!!

then SUNDAY night, we had a lesson with these kids of a member who just got here from capo verde. the 17 year old daughter prayed about the book of mormon and now doesnt have a doubt that its true. that was awesome. so we invtied her to be baptized on the 7th, and she accepted!

We are also teaching a little family, a mom and 4 kids, they are capo verdian also, and they accepted to be baptized too. pray for filomena, bruna, and andre. they are wonderful, but i think i will write more about them next week because ive written plenty for you to read haha.

please be reading the book of mormon. please. i study it everday and it makes an incredible difference.

paz, amor, casamento do templo,

sister briggs

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Success in Seixal!

heyyyyy everyone!

where to start?

On wednesday we had zone conference and interviews with president, and they went really well. after that conference, we went to a house of a reference from a member and invited the little girl to be baptized ( she had been asking for weeks to be but we could never get a hold of her and her family) and she accepted! it was awesome. and sister lacey helped teach. the next night, we went over there again, and we marked the mom for baptism too. we walked out of there just on fire. there is a son in the family who is about 15 who is deaf and mute... but we assumed that he would want to get baptized with his family. so they all came to church on sunday and our district leader was asking us how many people we had marked for baptism for next week, and we said 2, but then the young man walks by so i grab him and wrote really fast in my planner wanna get baptized next weekend with your family? and he nodded really hard and gave me a thumbs up. so then i turned back to our district leader and said, hey elder! we have three people marked for baptism next week. and he was like, just now? what? it was pretty funny. a little family will get baptized! its such a miracle.

A few days later, it was raining like crazy, but we had divisions with the sister training leaders! these sisters will both be going home in two weeks and sister carroll, my comp in madeira was one of them, so it was a really fun day.

On Friday, Manuela, Vitoria and Euclides had their baptism interviews. Manuela, the mom, had hers and it was totally fine. So did Vitoria, the little girl. But the 15 year old boy, Euclides, is deaf and mute, so it was a struggle for the elder to communicate with him. Even though we had showed him the baptisimal font and gave him everything to read, for some reason he got freaked out about baptism and decided last minute he didnt want to. it was stressful. but later that night there was an activity in the chapel and we decided to try again. the elder did the interview on the computer and they basically just typed it back and forth, and this time, he accepted. it was a nice sigh of relief, and elder da veiga said it was the coolest thing he had ever done on his mission.

on saturday, THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Oh it was so wonderful. this little family was baptized by the moms cousin, who was the one who introduced them to the church. He is a recent convert, and it was his first time doing a baptism. When the little girl got baptized, the mom just started crying, and when she got baptized, she came out of the water just crying, and hugged her cousin for a long time, and i could hear him saying to her your clean now! its a new start! It was beautiful.

I heard once that we have no right to ask why me in times of difficulties if we dont ask the same in times of blessing, and thats exactly how i feel. We did nothing except teach and invite them to be baptized, the lord and the members did the rest. it was a miracle, and i dont know what i did to deserve it, but i am so grateful i was able to be an instrument in the hands of the lord.

There is a woman in our ward who is Capo Verdian, she was baptized about 2 years ago and is wonderful, she would be more active but she had kidneys that didnt work so she had to do her own blood treatment at home for several hours everyday so being super active wasnt a huge option. but, all in the same week, she was able to get a kidney transplant after being on the waiting list forever, and her kids that she left in cape verde were finally able to get to portugal. all in the same week. it was a miracle. and so we went there on saturday and invited them to church. its a 17 year old named silvana and a 10 year old named silvi. unfortunately, silvi doesnt speak much portuguese, because in cape verde they basically only speak their own language called criolo and learn portuguses in school. the 17 year old had a baby less than a year ago that she had to leave in cape verde. oh that hurt my heart when i found out about that. so they came to church and it was awesome, and we brought the elderes to teach them that afternoon because one of our elders is cape verdian and translated. they are prepared for sure, we are just reaping.

we have been working with this girl named Neide. she is a neighbor with a recent convert who really changed a lot for the better after his baptism, and she decided she wants that for herself. she read every page we left with her, and asked for us to mark more things to read, she said she missed her book of mormon during the day, she was talking about doing a mission, she just didnt get baptized yet because she doesnt wanna mess up after her baptism, she doesnt want to do drugs or drink again. she is incredible, i love this girl. i made banana bread for her, and put it on a plate, and then we went to walk to her place to have a lesson. well, in those 30 minutes it takes to get to her house from where we live, it rained like never before. i literally had to wring my skirt out after we got to her house. i was just doing everthing i could to protect the banana bread haha. but i would love it if you could all pray for her. Neide (Nayd)

this week in church, the first lady i ever visited in this area, a big brazilian lady who was coming back to activity, was called to be the second counselor in the relief society. i just started bawling. she will be amazing, and it was just soooo good to see. i love these people so much. i cannot put into words how much i love these people. how much these people have changed me. i cannot imagine my life without meeting these people and seeing their example of conversion. this church is true. i know this. after sacrament meeting, one of the women in the ward came and found me in the bathroom and wanted to know why i was crying. oh it was so sweet, so i started crying all over again.

WHOS PUMPED FOR CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!!!!!! i will make the same invite im making to all our members and recent converts here, bring a question to conference, and bring a friend. so let it be written, so let it be done.

sister briggs

Monday, September 1, 2014

Small miracles!

Sister Vomocil!

Sister Fuller is pumped to go to the Azores!


Random pic with person on the street

Hey family!

This week: it had its really low moments, and it had its really high moments, so all in all it balanced out to just be another week.

Okay so stories from this week. We were having a rough day with all of our plans falling through and just walking a lot, and that day i had gotten freaked out by a couple dogs behind gates as we walked past houses. and then, right toward the end of the night it happened again and i jumped and just took off running and shouting IM DONE!!!! IM DOOOOOONE!!!!! it was funny. and a nice stress reliever.

We have a solid youth program in our ward and all of the youth got back from efy this week!!! i saw the notebook and the bag and waterbottle and got all excited. and I GOT THE MUSIC IN PORTUGUESE!!!!!!!!! oh it is sooooooo good. i love it. But shoot, efy does miracles. there are scriptures that say that when 2 or three are gathered in His name, there will He be also... imagine how stong that spirit is when 400 youth of a chosen generation are gathered in His name. they all loved it. There is one young man who is actually a recent convert in our area, Bruno from São Tomé he was baptized in december with his mom and two siblings. He really didnt wanna serve a mission. but he said at efy he just couldnt stop thinking about it, and now hes got it in his heart to serve. oh it was so cool to see. his cousin who isnt a member went too and so we trying to get him to be baptized now.

We had a handful of really firm people who said they would come to church. we were excited. sunday morning this little family that we found called and said they couldnt come. we were super bummed. but both of us felt good as we headed out to church that morning, and we found out that we had a family of investigators there that we didnt even invite. A mother and her two kids. the daughter literally asked us to be baptized, shes about 10, and her mom said she liked it a lot. we are going to start teaching them this week. they are family members of members of our ward. It was a miracle. I know that when we do our part and just put our trust in Heavenly Father and doubt not, he blesses us. and when things still dont go the way we want, its because He knows something that we dont, and has a plan. As ive studied the atonement everyday, this is something that i have come to know for a surety and have applied in my daily work. I just trust in Him.I know this is HIS work, not ours. I know He knows our hearts and feelings, and who am i to doubt in Him? I am so grateful for my savior!!!

So, the big news. Im training this transfer. an american named sister Lacey. I knew it was coming. its been coming for awhile now. and while ive always thought the idea was fun, when i got the call, my stomach dropped. ohhhh this is gonna be so hard. its basically going to be like im doing things on my own. ahhhhh. just so many nerves and fears and worries and excitements that i cant even put it into one email, or into words. pray for me. we will see how this goes. im going to learn to rely on the lord like never before. 
So, sunday was transfer day. me and sister Fuller had joked around all transfer that she was going to the Azores. And then im taking a shower sunday morning and i hear sister fuller shouting at me thru the door, and im thinking, the house is on fire!!! oh no!!! but no. she got her transfer call early and was in fact going to the Azores!!! so after church and goodbyes instead of working we came home and she packed and then i took her to the train station and met up with the other sisters from the area next door. They are so fun. its always fun seeing new areas and houses and meeting new sisters and getting to know them and seeing the work. as we were out in their area, thats when transfer calls came. we all screamed.  its always fun, and always a little stressful, having to put your full faith in God again every six weeks.  
I never want to leave the mission. Saturday night we taught with the elders... long story, but i got to see our district leader, elder judd, who goes home today, teach. it was incredible. i felt the spirit a lot, and i loved it. and then sunday night we had a family night with all the youth in one neighborhood, and we talked about who christ was to them and it was just amazing. I just never wanna stop doing this. okay there are moments that i could have gone without, but in general... i love this work. i love my mission.
are you all reading the book of mormon????? i want individual answers!!! you have to finish it before i get home!!!! also, read D&C 121.45-46. virtue has been something i have been learning and applying. it all starts with our thoughts. except for pday, i do my best not to ever think about home. if i start thinking about people, places, etc, i start praying and talking to god. i sing a hymn. i do everything i can to just be open to the spirit, because i know the power of thoughts. think about that this week :)

Last week I was out of my area in the other sisters area for about three days while me and this other sister, sister stokes, waited for our newbies. I got to teach that man named Jose the gospel and all the commandments. it was SOOOOO COOOL. he is the boyfriend of a member, but he is way cool and it was cool to take part of that.

Thursday we went to benfica to get the newbies. Sister Morgan Lacey is from SoCal, shes a sweetheart and its been good. shes been kind of down lately and im trying to do my best between giving her opportunities to participate and not overwhelming her and letting her take breaks and still working hard. I also dont know how she learns yet, so this week will be a week of figuring that out. She hasnt cried yet though, so thats good! she also has the support of another sister in our district that just arrived here, and i think thats really helping her. But it will be an interesting transfer. I have been focusing on helping her say with conviction the little that she knows how to say. Shes overwhelmed with learning how to say everything, and i just want her to say what she knows with all of her heart! but we will get there.

During the week there was this city fair thing going on... on the street that we walk home every night there were all these stands for churros and crepes and icecream and games etc... well needless to say we bought a chocolate filled churro almost every night. it was so fun though. sometimes portugal just takes us by suprise and i love it!!
Paz, amor, casamento do templo,
sister Briggs