Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello Everyone!

A few buisness items... if you wanted to send me anything for christmas, it needs to be mailed before the 21st of this month or else I wont get it for christmas. All I want is letters from friends with an update on their life, a memory, and their testimony. You could make a facebook announcement about that for me!! that would be wonderful. If i made a list of people i want to hear from, could you do that for me to? also, if you wanna be great and send me a printed off picture of my "band", that would make me very happy haha. ive showed lots of people that halloween picture and they LOVE it!!

This week and last week other missionaries in our district had baptisms, and for both of them us sisters did a musical number. Last week I played Lord I would follow thee, in my own fun little way, and the sisters sang. it was pretty cool. Then this week I played a poor wayfarying man of grief on the guitar (which our sister training leaders brought for us) and then there was an elder on the piano and the other sisters sang. It was so awesome, both spiritually and musically. Now were making a mash up to come thou fount and i need thee every hour with the guitar for the missions christmas CD haha. Im pumped!!

So sister Duran has a hurt ankle, and has had a hurt ankle since the beginning of the mission and has just been pushing through it and now its really starting to hurt her to the point where we cant work much. So this week there was a lot of sitting inside and resting and its killing me a bit. Our numbers are almost all zeros. We did divisions with the other sisters some and she stayed at a members house one day but I just dont know the area as well and its just been rough. I mean, im fine emotionally and what not but its never fun when the work is going slow. We got more transport money and took a couple taxis this week which was kind of fun. Always gotta look at the bright side!! Im not sure what we will do this week, its getting progressively worse and is only going to get worse with the cold weather. vamos la ver. 

We had lunch at a members house this week and she is black and made cachupa, a traditional caboverdiano plate. Its kind of like chilli, and its pretty good when done right. But Im almost 100 percent positive I got half of a PIG SNOUT on my plate. It was this nasty cartilage looking thing with the hair STILL ON IT. I couldnt make myself do it. So i hit it under my chicken bones and hoped they didnt notice. 

go on to google maps and search Viseu portugal. Zoom in until you get to the very city center, called the Rossio. i go there almost every day. Its this super cute city square with fountains and trees and such. and this week they turned on the christmas lights in the Rossio for the first time!! it was like magic. i was so happy. When december comes we are gonna start singing christmas songs in there weekly. Christmas. Lights. Rossio. Portugal. can you get any better than that?

I have to gush about the members here a little more. This week in ward council, the ward noticed how few investigatores we have (due to the little amount of time we have been working) and someone said something about it and instead of getting on our case about it, The rest of the ward council was about how it was the member work to bring the missionaries people to teach, how they should be embarrassed about how few people we have to teach and what they can do to give us more references. It was inspiring to see the members pick up their duty of missionary work like that. I wish we could work harder for them!!! I would be okay staying in viseu for a long time, just so I could continue to work with the members. 

Some scriptures I found this week: Hebrews 12:9-11 talks about trials. How our heavenly Father lets us struggle but its always for our benefit. How trials are never fun when you are in the middle of them but when they are over and you look back, you think, wow, I grew a lot, Heavenly Father was really with me and my testimony is so much stronger now. And 1 peter 1:7 talks about how the TRIAL of our faith is worth more than gold. not just our faith, but our faith after its been burned by fire. I know this is true. And thats why heavenly Father give us difficulties, to help us trust in Him more, to see His hand more clearly and to know that He loves us. And the more our faith grows as a result of it, the more He is glorified in our spiritual growth. I hope that these scriptures give some hope and perspective to anyone out there struggling. Know that He is above all and has a purpose in all things.

Until next week!! Contintue to pray for me and my companion!

Paz, amor, casamento do templo,

Sister Kelly Briggs

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