Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tender Mercies!

This week was awesome!

Monday and tuesday were normal, but tuesday night i started getting a cold and wednesday we were walking around in the rain and i was really feeling sick so we came home for a bit so i could sleep some more. Thursday we had zone conference with president! he is a powerful man, i was inspired to do better. we were supposed to do divisions with the sisters in Setubal, but one of them got sick so it was just a mess. BUT then on friday, the adventures began.

So there used to be six areas in our ward, seixal A, the elders, Seixal B, us, and then a dupla of sisters in this area called quinta do conde. its kind of far away but everyone there has cars and houses instead of apartments and bus passes, so its a pretty rich area, and its also pretty difficult. because of that, it was closed this past transfer and the dupla of sisters out there got taken out. so we got the job of taking care of their investigators. so we got the house key from the office and went out there for the second time this friday. since we had the house key, and since this area is way far away from our house and you have to take a bus and a train to get there,  we got permission from president to stay in the house out there!!!!! hahahaha, it was so fun, it was like a sleepover. but it was incredible, friday night we met the friend of a member, elaine, she is brazilian and AMAZING. she went to church twice and loved it, she was given a gospel principles manual there and had been reading it every night without asking, and this second time that we visited her, we asked her if she had prayed to know if the book of mormon was true or if this church was true and she was like, i dont need to. i dont have any doubt that this church is true. BLEW my mind. oh my how Heavenly Father prepares people. she came to church again on sunday. pray for her so that she can over come some personal problems to get baptized.

then the next day we had a lesson with this kid named marcio. he was someone the sisters out there found like, the second to last week of the transfer. he came to church by himself the last week. so we met with him, he accepted everything we taught and accepted with out any hesitance to be baptized on the 1st of november. it was SOOO cool. and then we walked over to the bus station with us and we were talking about church and such and he was telling us about everything he learned in church and how he wants to serve a mission and will be a bishop one day and such... hes SOOO cool. unfortunately he studies a lot and didnt come to church on sunday because of homework, so pray for him that he can keep progressing!!

then SUNDAY night, we had a lesson with these kids of a member who just got here from capo verde. the 17 year old daughter prayed about the book of mormon and now doesnt have a doubt that its true. that was awesome. so we invtied her to be baptized on the 7th, and she accepted!

We are also teaching a little family, a mom and 4 kids, they are capo verdian also, and they accepted to be baptized too. pray for filomena, bruna, and andre. they are wonderful, but i think i will write more about them next week because ive written plenty for you to read haha.

please be reading the book of mormon. please. i study it everday and it makes an incredible difference.

paz, amor, casamento do templo,

sister briggs

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