Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hump Day with the Porto Dragons!

Well, this week.

We got this crazy elect reference. This young man who had visited the other chapel in Porto several times before, just showed up at church when one of his neighbors who is a member invited him, stayed for all three hours, participated, and liked it a lot. we had a lesson with him monday night and he accepted everything, understood everything, and asked the best questions. It was so cool!

And then we had to pass him to the elders because president likes us to teach the young single adult women, and the elders, the men. it was so sad. they marked him for baptism the next lesson they had.  
But, i have faith that we will be blessed for our sacrifice to be obedient. 

I hit nine months this week!!! It was crazy to think that when i was young in the mission, i looked at those sisters with nine months, thought, wow! they have been here forever, and now I think wow, i have been here forever. and frankly, sometimes it feels like i will be here forever haha. but we just keep going forward. we ate several pastries that day to celebrate, and i took the classic nine month photo, but they are on my comps camera so ill send them next week. 

This week we had a fast as a mission that started after lunch one day and ended at lunch the next. but that morning of the fast was weekly planning. which is prime snack time for missionaries. its impossible to survive weekly planning without a snack. it was the longest planning session of my life, but i made brigadeiro the night before, this kind of brasilian fudge, so we dove into that the moment the fast ended!

We want to teach a family. so everytime we see anyone witha  stroller, young kids, be what it may, we contact them. we found this man this week who is from south africa but is living with his portuguese wife and family and accepted to meet with us so fast. he was born and raised christian and loved when we talked about the importance of families. he said a family that prays together, stays together. im excited to start working with them.

we also got picked on by our anti mormon friend again. im over it. i studied all the scriptures he sent us in the bible, and my testimony was just strenghthened. the church is true, and the truth will never be taken from the earth again!!

Im sending more pictures this week because this letter is short.

thank you ALL for the letters, prayers, love and support. im doing my best and getting better at doing my best every day.

Paz, amor, casamento do templo.

sister briggs

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