Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Taking it to a new level

Helloooooo everyone!

Transfers happened. I will staying on Madeira and I will serve with Sister Hickey from Utah. Shes a sweetheart, it will be a good transfer. I'd already met her at zone conferences and such, and she seems really great. I'm going to miss sister Carroll a lot, she was wonderful and there were a lot of people here who loved her.

On Sunday, it was pretty spiritual. There was a recent convert young man who is going on a mission this week who gave his final testimony, and he was in tears and so was everyone else around me, and then one of sister Carroll's recent converts bore testimony about how she came to know the church was true, and she too wants to serve a mission, and she is absolutely incredible, and her and her mom and sister Carroll were all in tears. Oh, this gospel is beautiful. A joy that brings us to tears.

I'm fasting. for forty days. not from food, but from everything that cuts me off from the spirit. I'm trying to take it to a new level. To truly give it my all, to consecrate myself, so that i can get to the end of my mission and know that i gave it my all, and so that I can have His spirit with me, to guide me and to testify that my words are true. So, friends of mine, I'm sorry for being a bad friend, but I'm just trying to give Him my all.

This week we had a miracle, Rita showed up and had read the book of Mormon, loved it, accepted everything we said, and, with a little help, accepted the invite to be baptized on the 13th of June. Friday the 13th. We thought it was a Saturday. oops.

I love you all, so so so much. Ill keep you updated on how things are going, and i would love it if you asked me about it so that i have to be extra accountable.

Paz, amor, casamento do templo,

sister briggs

ps, even though I'm being consecrated, I'm still turning 21, and i would love to get letters from everyone in the world who has ever loved me ever!!!

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