Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Transferred to Lisbon!!

So long Madeira!  You were awesome!

So.  I've been transferred!  It was a bit of an ordeal.  In the islands, we usually get the calls early because we have to catch flights. Saturday night we found out that me and sister prieto were going, sister hickey would train and sister cardoso would stay. So we stayed up late that night packing, so i was already sleep deprived. we went to church the next Sunday and i told Rita, my recent convert, that i was leaving and she looked at me with a really serious look and said, your joking. and i said, nope. and she started bawling right then and there. Oh that hurt my heart. she is incredible. 

so we get to the airport at 4 pm to catch our plane at 6 pm, and as we are getting our luggage checked in, we find out the flight was cancelled, and the next one wasn't until 11:15. we got a free dinner, but it was still a long time and i was already sleep deprived. we finally got out of the airport around midnight. and then we didn't get to a house to sleep in until around 3h30 in the morning. and then the next day, i got to see sister ROSEMANN!!!! FINALLY for the first time in my mission, and sister brooks who is going home, and said goodbye to sister prieto, and then we got on a train to come to seixal, in the setubal zone, on the other side of the river from lisboa. I'm pretty excited to be here, to be back in Lisbon. its gonna be great. I miss funchal, but i think i was ready for the change. also, coming back to Lisbon and visiting my first area where the mission office is was like a dream I CANT BELIEVE ITS BEEN A YEAR. IT DOESN'T FEEL REAL. 

so, im in Seixal. technically, i haven't actually been to Seixal yet, we work in all the areas around it. I live in Amora. The area we work around in is right around a bay. It looks a lot like a Minnesota lake, and there are buildings right up by it and it reminds me a lot of little lake towns in Minnesota. The only thing is, this bay is connected to the ocean... and sometimes during the day the thing is full of water. and other times, is straight up empty. like, dry land where water used to be. its the weirdest thing! im so used to water just staying where it is!!! its so weird. but when its full, its so pretty. 

Seixal is a lot like Benfica, but not quite as busy. Its not exactly lisboa, like benfica was, so its a little calmer, but there are still way more people on the street and stuff than in Porto or funchal. I LOVE IT!!! Its so wonderful. Passing throught benfica was like walking in a dream. everything, sights, smells, everything was reminding me of my first transfer. and then i got my other suitcase that i left in the office when i went to the island, and it was like unpacking the first half of my mission. it was so weird. i still cant believe its been a year. so much has changed, and i wouldn't trade a minute of it.

I'm serving with sister Fuller! you already know who she is because i lived with her when i was in Viseu!! go look at some old pics. i love living with her and working with her, she is awesome. 

its also hot. hot hot hot hot. im red, all the time. i put sunscreen on my face, but i still turn red because of the heat. Its killer, but its also way better then the rain and cold of porto so im not complaining. 

Im sorry i dont talk more about the people or the work here. Its not because its not important to me... but because its all sacred to me. its people,, places experiences that have changed me, and im just not sure all of you understand all of that, so i do my best and share what i can, but someday ill have to tell you all about it in person.

Im reading the conference talks in my studies right now, YOU ALL NEED TO GO BACK AND READ ELDER BALLARDS TALK AND APPLY IT RIGHT NOW.

Thats all, pics coming soon.

Much love, 

sister briggs

My new mailing address:
Rua Sociedade F.O. Amorense Nº28 5ºDto
Amora 2845-469

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