Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 1 at the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center

SO!! the first week and a half has been good! the first few days were rough with missing people and just having a ton of info coming at me but people kept saying make it to Sunday and they were definitely right. Sunday was much more relaxed and now I feel like I have a feel for things here and I'm really starting to enjoy it.
I sit in a classroom for almost 13 hours a day, we have a teacher for about 4 of those hours. We study the  scriptures, attempt to learn Portuguese, and have fun with our district of 13 people. The highlights of my day are probably breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its the only time that we aren't studying.
We have been teaching a 'progressing investigator'. Sister Rosemann actually knows him from home so we know he's an actor but we had to teach him in Portuguese like the third night! His name is Zitu... but really its Kyle haha. Miracles happen. I've learned to really humble myself and rely on the Lord and when we have His Spirit with us we did amazing in there, though we dont speak the language. The language of the spirit can testify to anyone regardless of how they speak. Its incredible to feel that every day.
My companion is sister Aubrey Kropf from Boise Idaho, easily the perkiest and happiest person I know. The first few days here she was super sick with the stomache flu which really was a huge bummer but I was glad to see that she is feeling better now!
There are nine boys and 4 girls in our district and we spend all our time together. The other girls are so great, so funny, I love them so much. Sister Sam Rosemann, she's so funny, she went to utah state and did dance and theatre and all that stuff and last night she told us two months ago her and her friends went to audition to be disney princesses, her friends all got cut but she made it all the way and they asked her to do the gig but she couldn't cuz she was going on a mission. Hilarious. Sister Vomocil is from Wisconson and she was on my plane to Utah!! so funny. She's great too. Our district leader is Elder Muniz, he's the bomb at the language and also was in High school musical 3 as a featured extra. and a part time model, he's on the missionary website under dress and groom for elders. Many of the boys in our district just graduated a few weeks ago.  they all gave sister kropf a blessing that first week, it was incredible to see the spirit that filled them and the power they had as they stepped up to their priesthood.  I miss my RM friends from college so much!
PEOPLE I'VE SEEN: shelby Orr, Sister Jensen (see her all the time and its great), sister Kara trammell (she's in the same dorm as me and I love chatting her up, such a blessing) sister Darel smart, sis lauren mickelsen, sister katelyn sorenson (only once because she's at MTC west but i saw her the second day when she was going to the temple, SUCH a blessing) and bryan Cisneros is in my Zone! so funny how small the world is.
PEOPLE WHO HAVE WRITTEN ME: Big shout out to Ali Smith, Amanda Monn, Rachel Wilcox, Hannah Jackson, Katie Cook, Erin, Mom, Dad. Keep up the good work you guys, words cannot describe what it means to me.
PEOPLE WHO HAVE MY POTS AND SHOULD WRITE ME: Paige T, Jordan G, Abby E. and any one else who has ever loved me and wanted to be happy.
Um... Idk thats about all. I'll end with saying that you guys should all pray that I'll learn portuguese, and also one thing they stress here is that we are our own first converts. We can't teach what we don't know, and thats so true. I encourage you all to know for yourselves that this church is true, because it is!!! the spirit here is amazing.
Sisters in Kelly's district, L-R: Kelly's companion Sister Aubrey Kropf, Kelly, Sister Sam Rosemann, Sister Vomocil from Wisconsin

Day 2, I ran into my friend Shelby Orr!

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