Monday, October 7, 2013

3 Months gone by!


So, last week I was all like, wow I love the mission it’s so great!!! And then that night and the next day were awful. Rain, plans falling, etc. so I guess I have to be careful what I write home... shoot.

Dad, I never found the note you put in my suitcase! Where is it? And I’m still waiting on more quotes. Also I need you guys to send me that memory card back before I can send more pics. Mom, I got your packages!! Did you get mine that I sent for your birthday?? I would like a picture of you and that. Also one of the twin’s baptism, and one of Erin at her grad party. That’s all I’m asking. Love you guys! Thanks for the letters!

Okay! Last week I hit three months on the mish and tomorrow is two months in Portugal! Time is passing for sure, not flying yet, but passing. It’s just a cool thing, I can’t explain it.

After those two awful days last week, I did a division with Sister Pieper. She came with us that one pday when we went to Lisboa, so that you have a face for the name. She was super grumpy that day and she’s been on the mission for 15 months, so I was like, great, I’m going to hate my life for the next 15 months of the mish. So I was not looking forward to doing splits with her. But she turned out to be sooooo cool. I got to go see her area and how she works and she gave me so much advice and I just loved it. She really built me up, telling me I was doing way well and that I’m ready to be senior comp or trainer and that the Lord will work miracles through me. Which I would be okay if that didn’t happen for a few more weeks... haha. Not sure if I’m ready for that.

Anyway, that division was probs the best day of my mish so far. I just learned so much and it was so fun. And then I got back to my area, the sun was shining again, I was talking to people on the streets and felt like I was fulfilling my calling, it was awesome. And then we found the guy on the street who we had found last week. Actually he found us, he walked up to us and asked us for Joseph smith’s bible. He’s been looking at stuff about the church for a while and has lots of questions. But our plans with him earlier that week had fallen. But we found him! He had read all of the intro and the testimonies at the beginning and then read the book of ether... because it’s a drug. First red flag. We talked, set up another appointment, and left. Then he called us three minutes later and asked us to come back because he had one more question. We came back... and he started talking to us about magic mushrooms, how incredible they are and how we should really try them. Yes, this is real life. hahaha man it was funny after, but in it, it was a little freaky. I still have hope for him though.

I’m really worried I’m gonna train next transfer. ahhhhhhh.

One day this week we stopped by the office and Sister Flukiger was in there! She is the nicest lady in the world and told us to come talk to her for a bit. She invited us to Conference at the mission home (YES)  and then offered to come with us for one of our lessons that night. And she would drive. (YES). Well, we really botched that lesson. We went from repentance to abortion to baptism to temples to the Holy Ghost... it was awful. And sister flukiger got to see it all. Let’s talk about good first impressions... haha man I just had to laugh it off. Hopefully it will be a blessing because shell tell president I’m not ready to train next transfer.

So we went to Gen conf at the mission home!!! #perksofbeingtheofficesisters. It’s so beautiful there, right on the river and the house is gorgeous. We watched in English and got dinner and it was bomb. And cool to hang out with President and Sister F. Conference was so awesome. It was funny how all the missionaries got so excited, like byu students get about watching the big football game, it’s the same thing. Trends I saw: the importance of FAMILIES!!!! I think that is definitely a reason the mission age changed, to give more people the chance to serve missions so that future families in Zion will be much much stronger. Also, that Gods laws will not change despite what the world believes, which I loved and is so needed right now. The importance of covenants!!! People, make your covenants mean something to you!!! And then just the hastening of the work of salvation and how important it is for members to work with the missionaries. Because it so is, I can't even describe it.

Today I went to the Zoo with the elders. I LOVE the elders. They are so great. It’s a bummer that one is from Mexico and the other from England, because I want to be their friends forever. Today I changed the lyrics to the song jumper and played it for elder fuller so he would come to the Zoo with us. Don’t worry, I’ll make a video. The zoo was way fun but I heard lots of music there that made me super trunky... luckily efy music has gotten loads better and I now have a cd. yesssssss.

This week I’ve studied a lot about faith and action and power. As missionaries, we have the given authority to preach the gospel, but the power of our calling and the power of the spirit only comes as we act. Similarly, when we have faith, we will want to act, but if we don’t have faith, we can get that faith through acting, doing things like reading, praying, keeping the commandments, etc. see john 7:17. Family and friends, if you go to bed one night and don’t feel like praying, you need to kneel and pray until you do. Because that is faith, acting when you don’t see any real benefit or consequence. That’s what I’m asking you guys to apply and study with me this week.

I love you all!!!! Keep praying for my language... it’s just annoying at this point.

Paz, amor, e casamento do templo,

Sister Kelly Briggs

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