Monday, October 28, 2013

I've been transferred!

why yes indeed, i was transferred!!! I am currently in Viseu with Sister Duran. Im definitely going to miss being close to the office and all the perks that came with it, but im excited about this fresh start. Sister Duran is like, the real deal. Shes 23 and goes home in 4 months. Ive been out on the mission for four months. So... this will be interesting haha. no but im way pumped. We are living in a house with 2 other sisters that take the other half of viseu. one is from wales and the other just got done being trained by none other than my trainer, sister Echeverria. prospects are good.
This week was beyond rough. Everything was falling, we werent reaching our goals, it was raining... just an awful week. Also i kind of felt that I was going to be leaving the area so I was just about ready to be done. But the last part of the week we really really pushed ourselves to do more contacts every day like president wants... and nothing happened. It was way hard.

Sunday, between the six missionaries assigned to the ala of benfica, we had 0 investigators in church. But sunday ended up being a good last day. There was a baptism of a little girl of a family in the ward that was baptized a few years back and it was so beautiful. It is sooo good to see the joy that this gospel brings families. She was baptized by her older brother and confirmed by her dad. man i was just crying! I got to say goodbye to everyone in the ward which was awesome because i love those jovens so much and then we went to Jessicas house and I said bye to her. and then I got a phone call that said i was leaving, and I went home and packed.

couple funny stories... This guy named pedro called a couple days in a row asking for us to come over but it sounded kind of sketch and so the first time we gave the phone to the elders and they told him not to call back. well, he did, and he totally thought he was calling prostitutes. he coulnt believe it when he found out the service was free. I thought I made it very clear that The only service we offer was teaching the gospel of Christ, and we were gonna ask him to be baptized just to mess with him, but then he asked sister wach if she was a virgin so then we hung up. Sorry about this PG-13 letter home haha. It was pretty funny.

We tried to visit a menos ativa this week and We finally got in. I was thinking she was gonna be a portuguese lady that got offended and didnt wanna come back... but no. She and her husband spoke perfect english and it turns out that the elders of the area used to live in the same building and thats how she was baptized. She knows all about the church and the elders and has had some come back to visit portugal and stay with her. We were just like... what? what is going on? but her husband doesnt like the church, so we arent allowed to preach, but they would love if we come over and ´hang out´haha. people are crazy, but finding them that day was a big tender mercy, it was raining cats and dogs.

Well, thats all for this week really. If im getting friend requests on facebook from anyone named aline, junior, ruben, luana, edimar, kemer, accept them!!!! they are my friends!!

This week in relief society we studied a talk thats called our responsibility to rescue, by Thomas S Monson. It was beautiful, and it just made me think, there are so many people out there that fall away, that taste the fruit and go toward the great and spacious building. and thats why members in missionary work is so important. We as missionaries are trying to bring more people to the fold, but we need YOU to keep them in there and rescue them when they stray. I wish i had the time or the force of words to tell you family how bad i need you to go onto our member list and visit those people you dont know. Make that a goal this month, visit an inactive member or family. Please.

I love you all! this is hard, but the church is true!!! Just 14 more months!!!

Paz, Amor, Casamento do Templo,

sister Kelly Briggs

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