Monday, December 16, 2013

Ora Viva!! Sure could use your letters and prayers!

Im SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS for doing missionary work! every ward ive served in, ive had a favorite member, the one who works with the missionaries all the time, who is just on fire in the gospel, the one who drops everything to help us last minute, the one who prepares their friends and then gives them as references... be that member!!! Im so proud of the work you are already doing tho.

This week was the worst week of my mission since my first transfer. we taught six lessons this week. welcome to europe. its not that we werent working, but no one, literally no one, wanted to hear from us. six lessons, seven days, thats a lot of walking and talking and knocking and getting hard core rejected. It was rough. I would really appreciate your prayers to help me find some success as a missionary, because quite frankly i feel like Im a bad luck charm. Im sure there are people out there that are prepared but i dont know if i will ever find them. Every morning when i wake up, its not that im depressed and wanna go home, but im just like, this isnt fun anymore. I know what i have to do and i do it, but i personally havent seen any of the success that makes what im doing worth it, and im starting to really doubt if i ever will, or if im just wasting my time, the lords time, and bringing my bad luck on these areas where i serve. It was a really rough week, but im really struggling to know if it will ever get better.

now that i live with brasilians, the language is coming. love living with and speaking with native speakers. its funny how when brooks and i are speaking english, portuguese words and phrases slip in. im by no means fluent, but its coming and as soon as i serve with a native speaker, it will be awesome. but mark my words im getting a job in brasil or something someday, im not losing this, it was too hard to get in the first place.
i wish i had a spiritual thought for you this week but im running on empty as far as spiritual stamina goes. go look up phillipians 4 verse 13 though. short, sweet, and to the point.

i love you all so much!! friends, i hope to hear from more of you around christmas! family, im SO excited to talk to you!! ate proxima.

paz, amor, casamento do templo,

sister briggs

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