Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Preachin' in Porto!

Hey everybody!
So, this week has been interesting. Ive been in porto for a week and it feels like its been a month. Im living in a house of four girls again which is great. Porto is a pretty cool area, we actually had a baptism this past saturday! it was really cool to see and how a recent convert friend of hers helped bring her to the gospel.

So let me tell you some deets about the new area and such. We dont live in our area... we actually live in the area of the elders of the OTHER ward, so we have to take either a bus or a couple of metros to get to our area every day, and it takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour. so basically once we leave the house, we dont come back until at night. My companion sister brooks is wonderful. Im so excited to work with her. technically transfers are this coming monday but we are just both assuming that we will stay together for the next six weeks. I really hope so, im not ready for more change and i love sister brooks!! the other two sisters are awesome, one is sister call who came in with me, and the other is sister mendez, whos brasilian but lives in portugal and is being trained right now. I love them all! the other day during a meal we all just started talked about really deep aspects of the atonement and stuff like that. I love them alot!

Missionary work is like this. we go out, we start heading to an appointment, if we have time or if that appointment isnt really firm, we spend a lot more time talking to people on the street. so between street contacts and occassionally passing people by and teaching a lesson, thats mostly what we do. we also have district meetings and ward council and such too, but thats mostly what missionary work is. work.

last night and part of today we and some of the other girls that came in with me got to go to lisboa to do our residency card! since my first transfer i have been looking forward to going and doing that. It was fun to take a train ride with three other girls that came into the mission at the same time as me and just talk about what we have learned and how we have changed and such. bummer it was on a pday though.

One thing ive been thinking a lot about is how missions are just as much for the missionaries as they are for the people that we are teaching. if we dont leave this mission converted to the lord and ready to live the gospel, it doesnt matter how many baptisms we had, we have failed as a missionary. I had a really spiritual experience right before i came to porto. The strongest ive ever felt the spirit testify to me. Sister Warburton and i were just talking, and we talked about how many people go inactive in the church and how sad it is, and i just looked her straight in the eyes and told her, with a surety and a power that ive never felt before, that i would never ever leave this church. and she just looked at me and said, wow, did you feel the spirit right now? because i just did. and I did and i realized how much my testimony has changed and how strong ive become and i cried a little. I have changed because of this mission, and therefore i know i have been successful.

Well, im still getting cozy in the new area so there isnt much to report. next week is technically transfers but we will see. i love you all so much!! thanks again mom for the christmas package! i havent got the christmas sweater yet but im waiting. love you so much! oh also i will be skyping you so send me the skype name i should sign into and the skype name i should call. more deets to come. SO MUCH LOVE!!!


sister kelly briggs

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