Monday, January 20, 2014

mais uma semana da vida missionaria. e mais uma carta da sister briggs para colocar no blog dela

Hello Everyone!!

Well, this week was interesting. it absolutley flew by, but that because i think there was sun outside and we were just loving it. But also because we basically lived in the chapel this week... Intersesting situation, the mission office, after many complaints about our house, decided that the sisters porto were going to move houses. So they decided not to renew the contract, but we still have four months to live there while we look for a new house. Well,the land lord lady now knows were moving and wants the house to be really nice to sell, So, even though we are still living there and will be for the next four months, sent workers into our house to do some construction on the ceiling and holes in the wall. This means there are men in our house from 8 in the morning to six at night, and we had to move out of half of our house for them to work in. Its basically horrible. luckily we live sups close to the chapel which is really nice, so we get ready in the morning, let the guys in, say a prayer to protect our stuff, and do our studies and eat in the chapel. And i love that chapel because its older and super super cool. But its still a bummer to wake up and go to sleep every night in that disaster of a house. were looking into hotels and new houses and working with the land lady. No worries.

Transfers are next pday! my guesses are that ill stay here and probably train. Ive been avoiding training too long. The only thing is, i dont wanna train in this area! i still dont know where i am a lot because we take buses and metros everyday and i still get disoriented. and everyone LOVES sister brooks so its gonna be hard to take the load if she leaves. But, the Lord knows better than I do. I think sister brooks will be headed down south to the algarve, at least i really hope so because she deserves that warm weather and work thats down there. Im gonna miss her a lot! weve gotten a long great, ive learned a lot and had a solid eight weeks together. But, em fim, ill tell you guys what happens this coming monday.

This month, presidents focus has been working in the members. We have some really cool, really strong members in our ward. The only problem is that our ward is super disunited, even the strong members dont know who each other are. so its really hard to bring people from outside to our ward, because the members dont do a lot to help them stay. At the end of this year, we looked at retention, and we have a retention rate of about 30 percent. Our bishop is also moving to france (literally everyone is fleeing this country, people talk about it all the time, its a thing). And this past week in church, i played the piano, the elders taught gospel principles and i was teaching primary. It was a little ridiculous how much we had to do. So were gonna work better with the members, as in help them be members, Help them do visiting teaching and home teaching, help them fulfil their callings, help them have more activites and above all, help them do missionary work! We decided as a district that its not worth bringing more people in from outside if they dont stay active, were gonna work with what weve got. I mean, of course we still have investigators and are always looking for new people to teach, but our priorities are just a little different. Our ward is actually the size of a branch right now, which means lots of room for growth.

Okay, i get lots of emails and letters and what not from people that are like, were so proud of you for bringing the gospel to the world! your doing a great thing and changing peoples lives, etc, But what you people need to realize is that there are not a whole lot of people out here that want to hear the truth, or that are looking for it. I havent changed anyones life becuase no one wants their lives changed. Its the most frustrating thing in the world. And if there are people out there who are want the truth, they are utterly avoiding me. Just a little reality update for those of you out there who live in a bubble. the world is not such a happy place somtimes.  But your emails and letters lift me up, so keep em coming!

But the light at the end of this tunnel is that THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! I made myself some goals for this year, and one of them involves my studies. every month president gives us an attribute of christ to study. I decided im going to take advantage of those studies, and really
work toward gaining that attribute, so that i can leave that study and that month a better person and more like Christ. I know it will be hard, but these are changes, this is growth that I want to see in myself and in my life, and I know this is only possible through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have the fullness of the truth, the plentitude of the gospel, right here, in HIs church. Its these teachings and this doctrine, what we learn in church, that confirms to me that this is the true church, because we really learn the doctrine of Christ. I know that this church is true, but even if it wasnt, i know that because of this church, ive lived my life in the happiest way Ive could of, and im the best person i could have been because of what ive learned in Church. and for those of you reading this, I INVITE YOU TO COME AND VISIT AND LEARN MORE!!!! it will change your life. a happiness you dont even know is waiting for you. for those of you reading this that already have the priveledge of knowing the gospel, please, prepare your friends to hear the missionaries. Invite them to learn more. Share this incredible gift you have.

Love you family. keep praying for me please! I love you so so so much.

Paz, amor, casamento do templo,

Sister Kelly Briggs

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