Monday, January 20, 2014

Transfers and . . . .

This week. what happened this week.

Well, frankly, not much. Sister Brooks got sick with the stomache flu on tuesday after lunch and has been throwing up ever since. she had to go to the hospital on her birthday, poor thing. she still hasnt been able to keep food down and has lost 10 pounds and is running on empty... so shes going to the hospital again tomorrow to get the results of the blood tests and to see what they can do. So my week has been kind of stressful, between worrying about her and then our area and having to do divisions with the other sisters and sister training leaders... its been hectic. The one upside? the mission moved us to a hotel for the week! just in time for sister brooks to get sick too. its been nice, not gonna lie, although im ready to get out of a suitcase and back to a normal schedule. But hey, im not complaining for now haha.

PS shout outs to everyone who sent me their family christmas card!!! i loved it! also special thanks to bonnie bemis who made me feel oh so included in family brunch. and kevin and leslie for the monthly letters. And everyone else who still loves me and writes me. i love you too. and people that i made pots for should really write me.

Tranfers happened this week! so there was a lot of build up to these last transfer. Sister brooks was finishing her 3rd transfer here in porto and usually 3 is when people leave an area. I had just gotten here and figured it was about time for me to train and step up a little. But i also got a call from the office that week asking me if i had a drivers liscence and if i drove stick. and sister brooks was having these feelings that she would stay. And then president had a phone conference with all the leaders and said we were getting 26 missionaries and that they would be making a LOT of changes this tranfer. Lies. me and sister brooks are both staying together, sister mendes went to the açores, sister vomocil and sister rosemann are now living in the same house in viseu (literally cried when i found out about that) And there were some other minor changes, but other than that, of what i know, not much happened. Im dying a little bit here in Porto, its rainy and cold and depressing. But ive decided this transfer im gonna push myself to be super obedient and positive and dilligent so that way heavenly Father will HAVE to bless me next tranfer, right? im going to start praying and fasting weekly for 2 baptisms this transfer, and your guys fasts and prayers would be appreciated.

Ive been studying patience a lot right now in my studies and i think heavenly Father just put it to the tests with this transfer. I love sister Brooks so much and i was getting nervous to leave her because we have a pretty comfortable companionship. But at the same time, its been eight weeks, and at the end of this transfer, it will have been 14. thats a really long tme to be with someone 24/7. Also this area is kind of sucking the life out of me, and now its pretty much certain that ill be here for 2 more transfers, and the idea of that just scares me. So from here on out, im not gonna complain. im not promising that ill like it, but im not gonna complain. because what is 12 weeks in the perspective of life? nothing. And im really gonna work hard to turn this area around and learn to love it. I would advise you guys to study patience with me, from preach my gospel and the topical guide. its good stuff.

I love you so much!!! Thanks for all that you do family!!! keep being good and doing good things!!! also, start preparing your friends to recieve the gospel. Thats all i have to say.

paz, amor, casamento do templo,

sister briggs

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