Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day! Wait, . . .

when they invited us over for dinner I didn't think . . .

Camera central in Porto
Hello everyone! i loved getting letters and such from all of you this week. thanks so much for everything. also, I have post cards waiting for like a million people, i just need to make the trek down to the post office. next week, when i have money, for sure.

This week we had some miracles. the work is oh so slowly picking up. We had the most elect contact on the street, we taught the whole first lesson in a contact in like 10 minutes. she has already been baptized in some evangelical church, but we invited her to be baptized, right there, on the street, and she accepted because she says she doent feel clean still. well, we can help with that. we have an appointment with her tomorrow.

We had a lesson with a brazilan lady this week too, and it went awesome. she too accepted the convite suave. it was the first real lesson we have taught in a while. now we just gotta get these people to church.

Little miracles, but other than that the work here is still pretty slow. but we keep working hard so hopefully in thee next few weeks we will have some real people to teach, some real miracles.

We also managed to get into the house of this incredibly old lady, taught her a lesson (this was the only other real lesson of the week, the rest were on the street) and at the end we tried explaining baptism and then she finally put two and two together and realized we werent catholic. that was fun. we had a good laugh at that. THERE ARE SO MANY OLD PEOPLE HERE!!!! it blows my mind.

we were gonna do a fast this week. we had a huge lunch so we could make it through the rest of the day... and then we passed by a member at like 9 at night to get something from them to have them help with the activity we are planning... and when we walk in the table is set and we had to eat dinner with them. we rolled home. and had a good laugh about that too.

We have been being more obedient and working harder and trying to do more and more and so im really really really really really hoping to see some results here soon.  But we have an activity planned this week and im really hoping it goes over well. and that we can have the support from our members more.

The Chruch is true. Jesus is the Christ. the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We have the priesthood authority from God. We have a living prophet. Heavenly Father loves us. These things will never change.

Paz, amor, casamento do templo,

Sister Briggs

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