Friday, March 7, 2014

Transferred to . . . .??

Hello Everyone!!!

This week we went to work. After the emergency transfer things were rough, as they always are with changes. Its been good to get out and work again with Sister Miles, i don't spend so much time thinking about other things, i have more chances to put into practice the things that we learn. Unfortunately, we went all week only having one real lesson. the rest were on the street or knocking doors... nothing is happening in our area and its been rough. especially since this week we didn't have excuses, we worked SO HARD all week and not much is changing. 

We decided to get to know the members better, because it doesn't make sense bringing more people into the church if they aren't gonna stay strong.  We visited the Bishop's family and found out that one of the kids had been sick and also that the wife had been very lonely. we had a very spiritual visit, and the family came to church again on Sunday.

But other than that, this week has been walking and talking and knocking, and not much else. But i come home knowing i put my whole self into it, and even though nothing happened, my conscience is clean. I put my whole self into it. Ive fallen asleep way early a couple times this week because I'm just exhausted. And because of that, i can feel more changes in myself. i read a conference talk this week by sister bonnie Oscarson, and it was actually the topic of our relief society lesson, called Be ye Converted. It talked about how more than just having a testimony, we have to put in practice what we learn in church, and what we believe. I invite all of you to read it and take a time to really reflect on how personally converted you are. you don't really know until you have to choose, until you have to act. So find ways to act upon that which you believe, and you will see those changes in yourself.

P-day was awesome today. we went and explored down town Porto again, but it wasn't raining this time around, it was sunny and gorgeous.

Even though Sister Miles had just gotten here and we had just gotten comfortable working with each other when real transfers rolled around we thought for sure we would stay together. but nope, Sister Miles is off, I'm staying one more transfer here in Porto... and I'm with a new companion, and for the first time, with someone who is younger than me in the mission. Her name is sister Thornley, she seems really sweet. 

This week was rough, i cant even remember what happened. But here's a funny story for you all.

So we have had pretty nice weather these past few days. So Saturday we decided to make the best of it and we planned to do lots of contacts that day and work really hard. we planned out the route we were gonna walk and everything. we had back up plans, everything, it was so well planned out. Then we get out on Saturday morning and its raining and windy like it hasn't been in weeks. Oh it was miserable. but we got out there and worked anyway. We were standing on the side of the street waiting to cross,and a carr comes by and splashes water ALL over us. But we were already a ways from home and only had a little bit more longer before lunch, so we kept going. We talked to like, 13 people that morning in the rain,and not a single one wanted anything. so we finally get back home, eat, dry off, and head out again. Our one lesson that we had that day fell through, so we start walking again, and then all of the sudden this huge gust of wind comes, and sister miles is walking beside me and it takes her by suprise, the wind grabs her umbrella and sister miles starts screaming, and then cant fight the umbrella and falls into a puddle behind her. Oh it was funny, SO FUNNY. but the poor girl was crying so i got her up and we walked to the chapel, and on  the way there she broke both of our umbrellas. it was a very very rough day... but at least we got a good laugh about the wind literally blowing her over. welcome to Porto!

Well, beside that, its all good in the hood. hope you guys are well too. My spiritual thought today is just about gratitude. Gratidão. I have a miracle journal that sister brooks made me start that i write at least one good thing that happened everyday, and it makes it easier to see the blessings and feel Him in my life, and at least just be happy and have a positive outlook. Its good. you should all do it, and study gratitude this week.
Well, i loved hearing from you all this week!! I'll try to send one of the sticks back to you guys with pictures on it this week. love you all so much!!! also, in just a little bit, I hit nine months on the mission. that's crazy! Also, thanks to all my other friends and family who write me letters or emails. though i may not have time to respond to them all, they are appreciated more than you may ever know.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and there's nothing that i love more than hearing from each of you, every single one of you that are reading this blog post right now, write me because i want to hear from you.

paz, amor, casamento do templo,

Sister Kelly Briggs
Sister Fluckiger after zone conference

Sister Isabela from Brazil


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